Guest Blogging Problems You Need To Watch Out For – SEO Damage Control

There are millions of websites out there. Many of them are blogs and many of them factor in a great deal of information. From time to time bloggers open up their corner of influence for the purpose of guest blogging. This is a good thing in a lot of ways, but there are some bad things that could come out of it as well. You may think that it’s all great, as you will be able to communicate with a larger audience, or perhaps get into a famous site that will garner you a great deal of seo, but as many come to realize, there are some things that could go seriously wrong. If you find yourself chasing the wrong elements or find that your optimization strategies have gone the way of the buffalo, then you need some serious damage control. That can be found with the following problems. Isolate them and trap them before your ranking goes spiraling out of control.

Accepting The Role of Guest Blogger

bloggerFor those that have been invited to be a guest blogger, take special consideration of the content that you’re going to create. Do not just write anything, make sure that you focus on the right pieces, and elements. Curve your content to benefit the blogger and not yourself. The more magnanimous you are here the more you are going to earn down the line. Do not just self-serve, because you will end up getting painted as a villain or a spammer. Accept the role and then hire a writer or come up with something compelling and work on it as best you can. The problem here is falling flat with the information that you have or posting the wrong thing. You don’t want to look bad here, you want to look good so make sure that you understand what you’re getting into.

Judging The Quality of The Blog

Here is the biggest problem that you will face as a guest blogger, trusting the other person to have a site that is worth writing on. If you’re going to get a hard backlink to your site, you better make sure that the page that you’re going to write on and get linked from is top notch and is not going to turn into a cesspool of spam. Too often, people update content on another page and end up with a link that is detrimental. Going back to the site’s owner and asking them to remove your link and name is embarrassing and they don’t have to. There are a lot of sites that don’t pay attention to requests to remove links because of detrimental search engine optimization. In some cases you may end up having to pay for the removal. It’s that conundrum that forces you to at least consider the quality of the blog moving forward.

Theft of Your Postings

When it comes to guest blogging and seo, you may find yourself robbed. There are some nefarious bloggers that will ask you to write something grand, you submit it to them, and they run and sell the content or they don’t publish it with a link to you. They take it and run, and you’re left with nothing. You could try and seek legal action but most often, you are going to be silenced and you’re out of a grand idea. You can retaliate, kick and scream, or do a number of things but your chance at prominent seo is going to leave. When your guest posts are stolen, you can feel as though you’ve been denied a great deal of influence, but don’t sweat it. It’s a small thing and for the future, you’ll know what to do and what not to do.

In the end, guest blogging is a great way to get links, but don’t accept any role that you’re not fully aware of, or trust anyone that you don’t know. Always make sure that you consider the negative side of things as they occur more often than you may thin